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Hot Stuff or Hot Air?

Supplement One of the Better, But Not Gear

The rumors were running rampart back in 1990s. Did the guys making Hot Stuff put steroids in it to make it work? One of the stories was that the creator, Tom Ciola, included methyltestosterone (an inexpensive oral form of test) along with the smilax and yohimbe. We should be so lucky!

This, of course, was just a rumor, and possibly one started by the people putting this supplement out there, National Health. Hey, that’s good business. Start up a rumor, stir the pot, and reap the rewards.

However you look at it, that banana flavored powder did seem to give you a jump in the gym, and it had loads of good stuff in there, protein and all. It did very well and, for a while, was all the rage. Then it slowly began to disappear off the shelves and the mags stopped running ads for it.

Here’s where another rumor started. I can’t tell you if it holds any water or not (no pun intended). The talk was that the FDA banned one of the substances that was in Hot Stuff and that’s why it was removed for a while. Then when it came back, the gym rats were saying that it wasn’t the same as it was without that ingredient, and was another ‘also-ran’ supp.

According to the company’s website,, they denied that it ever had juice in it, was never banned by the FDA, and that the company “got involved in several other ventures” and they stopped actively promoting Hot Stuff. I suppose that Up Your Gas took all their time!

I’m not trying to be a wise-ass or anything, but in business, when you hit a home run, you don’t change your bat unless you break it.

Who knows if there was a ‘secret’ ingredient in the old Hot Stuff that made it work or not. I hope there was, and wish that it can somehow be masked in the current version. Yeah, I couldn’t help myself. Looking around the Vitamin Shoppe, that logo caught my eye and I’m back on the bandwagon. Same banana taste, which I always liked, anyway. The ingredients are all great things, and as far as supplements go, this is one of your better bets. But gear? Can’t say that.

Deep down, subconsciously, I’m sure that I’m using it with that faint hope that it will “work” again. All power to the “Stuff!”

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