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Mitchell Report – NFL Style?

Steroids Dealer Meets on the Q-T with Football Security Officials

Football fans may be staring downfield at a ‘Mitchell Report’ of their own after a convicted Texas steroids dealer met with NFL security officials recently.

David Jacobs of Plano reportedly gave the delegation names of individuals that he sold anabolic steroids and human growth hormone to. In separate meetings that took place since May 1, Jacobs provided documentation to substantiate his claims.

One of the players named was New Orleans Saints offensive lineman Matt Lehr, who was playing in Atlanta at the time of the alleged purchases. Lehr’s attorney did not comment, even after Jacobs, 35, publicly accused his client.

Beginning in 2005, Jacobs was involved in dealing steroids internationally and imported raw powder from China. The feds shut the operation down last year, and he received three years probation, no surprise when you factor in his information to the NFL.

Looking to justify his actions, Jacobs told reporters that he wanted to “share his knowledge of testing loopholes and the prevelance of performance-enhancing drugs with the NFL to clean up the game. Mr. Boy Scout also plans to speak to local school children about the dangers of steroids and HGH.

A rat is a rat. Because he saved his own ass by giving up a bunch of players does not make this guy “Prince of the City.” Similar to Kirk Radomski and Brian McNamee, Jacobs will have to live with himself.

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