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BALCO’s Victor Conte Still Peddlin’

You have to give Victor Conte credit. The mastermind behind BALCO paid his debt to society and is once again pumping supplements, this time probably nothing that will result in a congressional hearing.

The company is called SNAC ( and the Golden Gate Bridge is still looming. The BALCO logo is now available on T-shirts with the saying ‘BALCO Gear’ on the front. A mere $24.95 and you’ll have your own.

As far as the supplements go, these are reportedly very good, although I have never tried them myself. ZMA is back and is an affordable $15.95 for a bottle of 90.

Perhaps the most interesting page is the one entitled Athletes, where you will find a Who’s-who’ from the book “Game of Shadows.” Conte’s old friends Barry Bonds, Marion Jones, Bill Romanowski, Milos Sarcev and others are all listed here. There’s also a ‘Photo Gallery,’ where many of these athletes are shown alone and even posing with Conte, obviously in happier times. My personal favorite has to be the one with Bonds and Greg Anderson being flanked by a beaming Conte. I’m sure the majority of these athletes were not so thrilled to be associated with Conte after the entire scandal.

Can anyone blame Conte for taking advantage of his name and the connection with PED’s? I, for one, cannot. You have to give him credit for capitalizing on this. If there are customers out there, Conte will find them. The Research and Articles page is chock full of BALCO and Conte material, videos included. There are articles that go all the way back to 1999. It’s almost surreal when you read Conte’s responses to the questions about his work when in hindsight, we know what was really working for his clients.

There are also forums and an ‘Ask Victor’ section, where, it states, that Conte will answer “appropriate questions as his time permits.” He is apparently still earning money in this field, and I’m sure many of his new customers are holding out hope that Conte is ‘masking’ some new strain of gear in this line.


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