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NFL Steroid Whistle-Blower Found Dead

Jacobs and Fiancee Shot at Home

A 35 year-old Plano, Texas man and his 30 year-old fiancee were both found dead from apparent gunshot wounds Thursday morning by police after concerned relatives could not reach the couple.

David Jacobs was scheduled to meet with NFL officials after agreeing to tell them which players he supplied performance-enhancing drugs to. The convicted steroids dealer was recently sentenced to three years probation and had preliminary sit-downs with league personnel during the past few weeks. According to Shaun Assael of ESPN the Magazine, Jacobs was concerned for his safety and even went as far as to tell the reporter that the people that he knew “could put a bullet in the back of [my] head.”

Plano police gave little details other than to say that the deaths of Jacobs and Amanda Jo Earhart-Savell are being investigated as homicides. The two had an on-off relationship, in which they recently reconciled.

Jacobs was charged as part of Operation Raw Deal, one of the biggest steroid investigations that the Drug Enforcement Administration has ever conducted. Looking at the before and after photos of Jacobs, he apparently was using as well as selling.

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