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Winstrol-Free Belmont for Big Brown

Trainer Dutrow to Lay Off the Juice on the Cusp of the Triple Crown

Timing is everything, especially in the ‘Sport of Kings.’ The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports has been a favorite for well over a century, and a horse going for the Triple Crown only enhances the excitement. After Big Brown left the rest far behind in the first two legs at the Kentucky Derby and Preakness, the Belmont Stakes has become the top story.

The ‘favorite’ tag became even larger for Big Brown after Casino Drive was scratched the morning of the race. Even before that, the confidence level from the Big Brown camp was blatantly obvious. Trainer Rick Dutrow, Jr. has been very open of the fact that he feels that there is no competition for his thoroughbred. While that may have some truth to it, then outspoken Dutrow has been in the forefront of every story on Big Brown.

That confidence may have gone up to the next level when Dutrow made a statement concerning the use of Winstrol for all the horses in his stable, including Big Brown. He told reporters that the horses receive a monthly shot of Winny, which is legal in New York State (at least for veterinary purposes), but that he would not administer the steroid for Belmont. “It’s just too much for three races in five weeks,” he said. That doesn’t quite add up, according to what Dutrow claimed about the shots being only monthly.

If the horse receives a monthly shot, then the schedule should stand pat. When Dutrow said that it would be too much, was he implying that Big Brown receives Winstrol before each race? If not, then the ‘three races in five weeks’ reason would not come into play.

Is Dutrow over-confident? Although the rest of the remaining field does not appear to be strong enough to beat Big Brown, the rough mile and a half track can be quite a challenge, especially in the 90-plus degree heat expected throughout the day on Saturday. If there ever was a time for a horse to receive that ‘extra push,’ it would seem like a race of endurance due to distance and weather such as this one would be the obvious choice.

In 28 of the 37 states that thoroughbreds race, steroids are perfectly legal and should be expected. When there is big money and fame on the line, every edge will be looked for. And if one of those are allowed – especially when it comes to an animal and not a human being (sorry, PETA) – they will be used even if health is a concern. Athletes have already proven this time and time again.

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