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Bonds Steroid Trial Date Set for March 2, 2009

Unsigned Slugger Looks Finished with Stretched Out Court Calendar

Barry Bonds may have the all-time home run record and can probably still help a team or two out there with his power. But the 43 year-old free agent has probably played his last game due to the BALCO scandal and his upcoming trial, in which he is accused of lying to a grand jury and faces 14 counts of perjury and one of obstruction of justice.

Last week, Bonds led not guilty to the charges and was met outside the San Francisco courthouse by a large group of supporters. He was said to be in “good spirits” by his attorney Allen Ruby. If found guilty of all the charges, Bonds could face up to 80 years in prison and $500,000 in fines. That seems unlikely, though.

The 14-time all-star with 762 career home runs (including 28 last season) has not been contacted by any team, according to his agent. If he isn’t signed this summer, he is finished. No team will want the distraction of his looming trial, which will start right at the outset of spring training. Bonds will be 44 by then and every year that goes by does not bode well for the aging outfielder with the bad knees and elbow.

Bonds is also the type of personality that would not sign to play in a lower level independent league. Other players, such as Jose Canseco and Rickey Henderson, have extended their careers by going to far outposts such as the Newark Bears of the Atlantic League. Don’t expect the mercurial Bonds to make such a move. He was a great player that believed he was above everyone else, and compounded the specter of his steroid use by staunchly denying it. He would have ben better off by just coming out and saying the truth.

Photo credit: Bloomberg News


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