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Regal Suspended by WWE, Steroids Suspected

60-Day Ban for British Grappler

Following the double murder-suicide incident involving Chris Benoit, World Wrestling Entertainment has cracked down on many of their members regarding substance abuse, whether it being recreational drugs such as cocaine, or performance-enhancing drugs. Darren Matthews, aka Lord William Regal, is the latest superstar to garner a suspension from the WWE and the company’s head man, Vince McMahon.

This was the second violation that Regal has had, with the first coming last summer when he purchased anabolic steroids and human growth hormone, along with a PCT drug, over the Internet without a prescription. Although it wasn’t named in the statement released by the WWE, Regal reportedly failed a drug screening after taking steroids.

Not the first one suspected of steroids because of his appearance, the 40 year-old did admit on more than one occasion that he has used steroids in the past, “dabbling” with them in his early 20s and not at any time in the WWE. This would seem to contradict Regal purchasing steroids a year ago. Why would you have the knowledge to order a cycle of juice and stack it with HGH, and also know enough to order a post-cycle therapy drug if you haven’t used in two decades?

The suspension would seem to give credence that McMahon has been serious about cleaning up the WWE. Regal recently won the “King of the Ring” tournament and was also named the general manager of Monday Night Raw.

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