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Terrell Owens Placed in Special PED Testing Group

Apparent Telephone Miscommunication Led to Designation

Terrell Owens is a magnet for attention, with the majority of it being negative. On the heels of the wideout signing a $34 million, four-year contract extension with the Dallas Cowboys, he has been placed in the NFL’s “reasonable cause” testing program for performance-enhancing drugs. Although Owens has never failed a drug test, his failure to make himself available for a screening was the reason why he is in this situation.

According to Owens, it was a miscommunication over cell phone numbers which caused him to miss the notification from the league. He has met with league representatives to explain the situation, but the NFL refused to comment due to confidentiality requirements in regards to the program. Owens will be subject to up to six offseason tests.

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