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Will Winstrol Be on Big Brown’s Travers Menu?

If 3 Year-Old Runs, Dutrow & Iavarone May Enhance Chances

Big Brown may become just another footnote in the long list of almost-Triple Crown winners. The three year-old colt could have rode off into the sunset draped in carnations if he could have pulled off winning the Belmont Stakes this past Saturday. But it was not meant to be and now many questions have been raised about the future of the horse.

If he is not retired, the next race for him could be the Travers in August. The next question would be if trainer Rick Dutrow, Jr. would administer Winstrol in preparation of the race, one that could mean a lot of money – not only in potential winnings, but more importantly his stallion career. It would behoove the Big Brown camp to ensure a win to erase the disappointing performance at the sweltering Long Island race track.

Dutrow admitted that prior to the impressive Kentucky Derby win, he gave Big Brown a shot of Winstrol. The trainer then flip-flopped on the subject after the next race. At first, he said that he did in fact give the steroid to the horse for the Preakness, another race where Big Brown dominated. Later on, he recanted and said that he didn’t give the horse Winny. He has been consistent in stating that he did not give Winstrol to Big Brown before Belmont, and it was obvious after the horse was eased out of the nine-horse race, dropping all the way back after holding onto third place at the beginning.

Dutrow, during an interview with New York Newsday, became agitated and refused to answer any further questions about steroids after reiterating that he didn’t use the drug in the last race and that he doesn’t use Winstrol “to help horses run faster.” Dutrow, who has been raked over the coals for his brash and outspoken way, made himself look worse than Roger Clemens with such a ridiculous statement. Steroids in sports are used for one reason and one reason only – to enhance the performance of the athlete, let it be a pitcher or a racehorse.

Bottom line is if Big Brown has a better chance to win at Saratoga by getting a shot of Winny, expect his owner and trainer to not give in to the public pressure concerning steroid use on horses. There are millions of dollars at stake, along with the reputation of a horse that could either be forgotten or remembered as a champion that had one bad day.

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