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Canseco “Juiced” for Celebrity Boxing Farce with Vai Sikahema

July Date in Atlantic City for Admitted Steroid User and Former NFL Pro Bowler

At least Jose Canseco is up front with us. He came right out and said that he needs money – in a hurry due to a bad divorce. He put up a challenge to anyone and everyone for a celebrity boxing spectacle in Atlantic City. The taker? Probably the smallest football player this side of David Meggett. No lineman, linebacker or even a tight end. No, Canseco lucked out with a return specialist, all 5’9″, 190 pounds of him.

Since hanging it up, Vai Sikahema has been a sportscaster in Philadelphia, where he played a good part of his career. Now the 45 year-old is a former Pro Bowler, as well as an ex-Gold Gloves participant. We all recall when he brought one back all the way at Giants Stadium and proceeded to throw combinations at the goal post padding with the home team logo.

Sikahema will receive $5,000 for the bout, courtesy of the Canseco’s challenge purse. To make the sideshow even more ridiculous, the match will not take place at one of the many casinos in town, where real boxing can be seen, but rather at a minor league baseball stadium, of all places. Bernie Robbins Stadium will hold more than America’s Pastime on July 12.

There have been no reports if the 6’4″, 240-pound former slugger turned two-time author will come onto the fight following a cycle. Readers of “Juiced” and “Vindicated” have to lean towards Canseco doing so, judging by his attitude towards performance-enhancing drugs.

For anyone who decides to attend these shenanigans, two former athletes should be able to entertain better than previous attempts at celebrity boxing, match-ups such as ‘Danny Patridge’ taking on ‘Greg Brady’ and Paula Jones versus Tonya Harding a few years ago.

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