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The Ultimate Warrior Returns to the Squared Circle

Former WWF Champ to Make Ill-Advised Comeback

All sports have their hanger-ons who just can’t seem to realize when it’s over. Even the great ones like Muhammad Ali have bowed out closer to the bottom than the top. In the world of professional wrestling, where the show is the catch, former headliners have sunk down to the level of grappling on the independent circuit looking a bit grayer and heavier in the mid-section than we may remember them on television. As pathetic as some of them seem, they at least have been consistent with continuing their active careers.

Then there’s Brain James “Jim” Hellwig, better known as The Ultimate Warrior, who was perhaps the only wrestler to rival Hulk Hogan in popularity during the same era. Since calling it quits in 1999 and becoming a motivational speaker, Hellwig has not strapped on the fringed boots and put on his warpaint. But some good things can’t last forever. The Ultimate Warrior will once again shake the ropes at the age of 49, this time on June 25 in Barcelona, Spain.

The Nu-Wrestling Evolution, an Italian outfit, will be promoting the bout, which was set up in April when the Warrior had words with NWE champion Orlando Jordan when the former was being presented with an award. It remains to be seen if he still has that explosive adrenalin when entering the ring.

Considering that the Warrior deflected any ‘roid rage’ talk following the death of WWE wrestler Chris Benoit, coupled with the obvious with his appearance, the Warrior should come into the fight in the proper condition. A fine physical specimen during his prime, it would be a surprise if a cycle isn’t on the agenda.

Steroids or not, this is one unbalanced individual. In 1993, he had his name legally changed to ‘Warrior,’ as to retain legal rights to wrestle under the name. The video clips of him going around are comical at best, and sad at worst. He speaks in his character tongue, and in a few of them, rambles about Hulk Hogan and the troubles with the Hulkster’s son being in jail. He actually gives 17 year-old Nick Bollea advice not to bend over to pick up the soap.

Wherever he may end up, the Ultimate Warrior did have more than 15 minutes of fame, but due to his strange actions, it may be best for him, to stay away.

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