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Dutrow a Late Scratch at Congress

Big Brown’s Trainer Under the Weather, Will Miss Testifying

The star witness expected to headline Congress’ latest inquisition into drugs and sports will be a no-show. Rick Dutrow, Jr., the trainer of almost-Triple Crown winner Big Brown, had to pass up an opportunity to publicize himself again due to a virus.

The Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection will go on in their hearings on horse racing and what can be done to improve the ‘sport of kings.’ Dutrow, who can be kindly described as the court jester, would have been asked a lot of questions, according to Rep. Ed Whitfield of Kentucky. Steroid use is just one of the many topics being investigated by the committee, and Dutrow’s comments concerning the use of winstrol would have surely come up.

According to a survey conducted by the Associated Press, there have been 5,000 horse deaths in the past five and a half years, with Eight Belles being the latest immediately following the Kentucky Derby.

No doubt that the economic aspect of horse racing was a driving force behind these hearings. Every bet placed legally at the track or at OTB has a percentage that goes to the government. They are merely protecting their investment. Regulations differ from state to state, and the result of the hearings will hopefully mean that there will be one governing body to make the major decisions, such as a commissioner in place like in many of the major team sports.

But all of this will have to take place without the input of the most annoying man this side of Simon Cowell. Get well soon, Ricky. The hearings won’t be the same without you and your narcissistic ways.

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