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Expect Steroid Ban in Horse Racing

Hearings on Capitol Hill Should Hasten Rule Across the Board by 2009

By next year, horse racing will become just another sport with a ban on anabolic steroids. During the Congressional hearings on Thursday, a common theme was that everyone was in agreement that the ban should take place.

According to Jockey Club President Alan Marzelli, the organization’s safety panel called for the ban on all steroids, and they are confident that 2008 will be the last year to allow the use of such drugs.

Jack Van Berg, a Hall of Fame trainer, testified that thoroughbred racing has become “chemical warfare.”

“The present rules permitting the use of steroids and other drugs have compromised the integrity of horse racing and has been a major factor in attendance and for interest falling to an all-time low,” said Van Berg.

Taking nothing away from a man with his credentials, it is hard to believe that fans of the sport, and mainly gamblers, would not want to attend because one or more of the horses are juiced up. Quite the contrary, that would probably make the interest wider, making someone think that their horse that ‘had their Wheaties’ will be a sure thing.

Van Berg had an empty chair to his left due to the no-show by Big Brown’s trainer, Rick Dutrow, Jr., who claimed that he was too ill to travel due to a virus. But he did the next best thing by preparing a written statement that, if written by anyone other than the buffoon himself, would have bordered on the unbelievable.

In this account of the asinine, Dutrow claims that Winstrol only enhances a horse’s appetite and coat, not their performance. He then absolves himself of any guilt that his administering of the drugs to his horses was only the result of a “recommendation of one of our vets.” And a trainer would have nothing to do with giving a nag something that will boost his time, right, Rick? But, alas, Dutrow makes it all better by saying he’ll stop if steroids are banned. We’ll all sleep better tonight knowing that.

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