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Pats Lineman Went Undercover for DEA

Kaczur Wired for Sound in A TV-Type Script

When the Drug Enforcement Agency wants you, they’ll go through painstaking steps to get you. Even if that means ‘flipping’ a 6’4″, 315-pound offensive lineman. Nick Kaczur, right tackle of the New England Patriots, allegedly wore a recording device to gather evidence against a Massachusetts dealer in three separate purchases of the painkiller OxyContin.

Although he was not named in the court documents due to keeping the confidentiality of informants, the lawyer for Daniel Ekasala stated that the 28 year-old NFL player was in fact the person involved. This stemmed from Kaczur’s arrest in April on possession of the illegal painkiller oxycodone.

It’s hard to kill a guy for avoiding jail time, especially one in the public eye such as a professional athlete. If Kaczur saved his own hide by cooperating with a federal sting operation, then he has to live with himself knowing that. This happens all the time – little fish get thrown back in for an opportunity to catch the big fish. Making deals on the table and in the courtroom is merely part of working your way up to the top. Don’t you think if the G-Men and Bernanrd Grossber, Ekasala’s attorney, can work out their own deal to nab his supplier they wouldn’t do it? Of course, they would and if the publicity of this case hasn’t already ruined the chances of that, is probably in the works.

Looking at the other end of this, football players and painkillers are not uncommon. Even the great Brett Favre called a press conference admitting that he was addicted to Vicodin. So we should not be surprised that a player – especially a lineman that pounds and gets pounded on in every single play – needs something to bounce back. The biggest surprise should be why Kaczur had to go on the black market and couldn’t find a doctor to prescribe him the same or something similar.

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