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Terry Bradshaw: “I Used Steroids”

Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Quarterback Admits Use in the 1970s

It’s been stated before, and if need be, will be again. Steroids are merely ‘part of the game.’ That was shown to ring true once again when Terry Bradshaw admitted in an interview that he and other players on the Pittsburgh Steelers championship teams used steroids.

Bradshaw indicated during an interview with Dan Patrick on ESPN Radio that the drugs were obtained from a doctor’s prescription and were used to “get away the aches and pains” and to “speed up the healing process,” and that they were not taken to get “bigger and stronger and faster.” When referring to the use of steroids, Bradshaw used the term “we.”

During his 14-year playing career, Bradshaw suffered injuries to his neck, wrist and elbow, the latter forcing his retirement. For his careeer, the Hall of Famer threw for nearly 28,000 yards and 212 touchdowns and was the driving force behind the team’s success, which included four Super Bowls. Bradshaw is currently an NFL analyst on FOX.

Steve Courson, a former teammate of Bradshaw’s who died in 2005 in a peculiar tree cutting accident , stated in a Sports Illustrated article that he used Anadrol-50, Dianabol, Winstrol and Deca-Durobolin during his playing career.

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