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“Legal Steroids” Just Your Basic Supplement with Familiar Names

One Letter Away From Gear Names Grab Attention

Winni-V. D-Bol. Anodrol. Sustenol 250. Deca Nor 50. Somatroph HGH. Test Suspension. Sound familiar? Close enough to some of those names that you’ve heard going back and forth in the gym? The websites that sell this stuff even call the use of them as ‘cycles’ and when they suggest more than one, ‘stacking.’

Over the years, especially since the whole country has gone overboard with the specter of performance-enhancing drugs effecting our sports, there has been a sort of daring curiosity to know more about them and even test the waters. Due to the negative attention and law enforcement intervention, the real deal has taken a back seat to what the supplement companies have christened “legal steroids.” These items have names that are so close to the ‘taboo’ drugs that many have felt as is they were buying something that could get them arrested for possessing. The bottles even look like the same ones that hold real anabolic steroids. Coincidence?

Here’s an example of the description given on one of the websites that sell these items: “The absolute most powerful OTC product available. May be used in any cycle to support tremendous size and strength gains.” While that may be a pretty basic selling song, they take it another step forward with the similarities. “Users generally apply 2 cc’s in the morning and another 2 cc’s in the afternoon with the special applicator provided,” which, judging by the accompanying photo, resembles a syringe. And the kick at the end – “Order today with no prescription required.”

Perusing the bodybuilding and steroids forums on the web, you will frequently come across threads of young people asking if these items are real steroids or not. Not totally dismissing their effectiveness as a supplement, but it is blatantly obvious that these companies are trying to catch lightning in a bottle, or so to speak.

Supplements are supplements, and gear is gear. There is no connection between the two. In a business world, trying to mix the two may transcend into sales (and these items will run you over $100 for a bottle), but by trying to portray them as a totally different substance will take away much of their steam to the schooled potential buyer.


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