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Steroids Over the Internet: Is It Worth the Risk?

Between Legalities and Counterfeits, This Source is Shaky

Regardless of the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 1990 and its Congress follow-up 14 years later, there are people out there that will break the law and purchase performance-enhancing drugs. Just as they did before the nineties, they will find a source and, for wrong or right, buy and take them.

One place that has been frequently used is the Internet, especially international locations. But that in itself possesses many problems. The buyer can lose money by having the website take payment and send nothing in return. They can also be selling counterfeit gear, which can give off a bad reaction. Lastly, the buyer can be arrested if the package is intercepted and identified.

With all of that pending, it would seem crazy to take a chance like that and order steroids on a website. But people do it every day and will continue to do so, especially after many stateside sellers have either gone to jail or stopped selling due to the recent negative publicity and arrests/confiscations by the federal government.

What some people forget that even if the country of origination does not consider steroids illegal, the United States does and any shipment coming through is subject to search.

To order any steroids online, it is such a risky proposition that the buyer must think twice before even contemplating it seriously. In the event the company does not hold up their end of the bargain, it’s not like the buyer can complain to the police or the Better Business Bureau.

One method that is frequently used in shipping these drugs has been encasing them in sachets (see photo), which is supposedly able to mask them when screened. One of these websites even used a comparison that “sachets shipped by mail [are] as suspicious as a postcard.” While that may be an exaggerated example, most of these sites use sachets, giving the impression that they are effective.

When people become desperate, they do desperate things. Ordering online in the steroid game is a prime example of that.

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