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Young or Old, Your Training Shouldn’t Be Treated Lightly

By Alex Truman

As a high school athlete, I am able to squat 500 pounds, bench 375, and deadlift 550, causing me to be constantly asked how I have been able to achieve that level of strength. When posed a question like that, I’m able to reply with just one word – DEDICATION. At 17 years old I have dedicated my life to my training. I have missed out on parties, going out late at night, eating junk food and many other things a normal teenager would do. This type of dedication has proven to be one of the main tools in my quest to become an elite athlete. If you want to become anything more then the average gym-goer, then you need to get dedicated to yourself and your goals.

While not an exact science, these are some points that have been part of my daily regiment:

*Train early in the morning- Getting it done before anything may interfere with your workout will eliminate a choice between training and missing your session.

*Have a plan written down before you go to the gym- This will help you go from exercise to exercise with less hesitation, also preventing you from forgetting any particular movement.

*Plan your meals the day before- This makes it easier to eat the amount of calories that you need and breaking them up into the proper number of meals. A smart move is to precook your food.

*Make short and long term goals- Having just long term goals will set you up for failure. Take it slow, especially at the beginning.

*Make a PR board- Display it somewhere you will see it every time you walk into the gym. Having low numbers up there might feel bad to start, but it will make you work harder to surpass them.

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