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Two-Stage Winner Tossed from Tour de France

Italy’s Ricco Claims EPO-Positive Test is Natural

Three and counting. That’s what the Tour de France has become, and with Italy’s Ricardo Ricco being disqualified, doubt is hovering over every rider left.

A winner of two previous stages, Ricco is the biggest name to be caught using performance-enhancing drugs this year. He was detained by police, who have been quite busy cracking down on cyclists who have been caught using and/or possessing steroids.

Ricco made a bid to keep himself in the race by claiming he has a naturally high hematocrit level, which is an indicator of possible EPO use. It didn’t work and his entire team pulled out of the race, leaving more suspicion and questions being asked.

This marks the third consecutive year that the Tour de France has had a doping scandal interfere with the famous bicycle race.

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