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You’ve Got a Bodybuilder in Pennsylvania

Four-Time Amateur Female Champion Off to the Races

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Perhaps is is just good karma to finish in the top spot the first time someone does something, especially when it’s a bodybuilding contest that takes months to prepare for. Back in 2005, a newcomer entered the NABBA Junior Nationals and walked away with the trophy that all the other competitors had their eyes on.

Monica M. of Doylestown, Pennsylvania may have begun weight training to prepare for high school cross country and sprint meets, but at the young age of 25, she has become an accomplished natural bodybuilder. She went on to win two more contests in each of the following years and has already qualified for professional status.

Her posing routines in all five of the shows Monica has entered have been lauded and she has also taken home ‘Best Poser’ awards on three separate occasions (2006 NABBA Nationals, 2007 USBF Jersey Shore Natural, 2007 USBF Baltimore Natural). On, it has been described as a “sensational posing routine” and a “great combination of diesel, dance and dynamite gymnastics.”

If Monica had never begun working out, she may not have found her hidden talent. That’s the way things shake out at times, and at age 14, Monica could not envision what was to come.

“The heavier weights and dedication to the gym did not come until I was about 18 years old ,” she said. “Once I began lifting heavier and cleaning up my eating habits, I realized that my body responded quite favorably to resistance training.”

Calling track her “ultimate passion,” Monica has certainly been able to share that with bodybuilding. If she did not sustain numerous injuries, she may have become an Olympic champion, knowing her dedication to her body and being the best. As Monica puts it, “I love to compete.”

When Monica was a child, she became inspired by a vision on the television set, much like many of us. “I was obsessed with ‘American Gladiators,” she remembered. “Ice was my favorite. I always wanted to be on the show.”

It would seem that things are timed for a reason, and the second incarnation of the series is once again a hit show. “I was going to open calls in New York last summer, but I was competing and still in school,” said Monica. “I’m still looking for a way to get on that show.”

Only tweaking her routine and diet has kept Monica in the right shape to compete in more than one contest a year. “Whether or not I’m getting ready for a show, my workouts don’t change a whole lot – I just do a heck of a lot more cardio,” she said. Typically holding true to a six-day split, Monica will generally do one bodypart and cardio each day, while hitting her abs three times per week.

Eating clean all year has made Monica’s occasional indulgence into one of her favorite offseason snacks, ice cream, not become a problem. During contest preparation, she will eliminate all salt, sugar and alcohol.

To get to the top is what makes all of these sacrifices worth it to Monica. “Don’t get me wrong, dieting and training are physically and mentally demanding,” she said. “But being a winner is such a wonderful thing.”

The type of thing a girl could get used to.


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