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Bush Has Better Things to Do, Marion

Jailed Olympic Track Star Asks for Sentence to be Commuted

With two wars being fought overseas and the situation in Iran becoming even more tense, George W. Bush is quite busy during his last few months in the White House. Perhaps the last thing on his mind is to give a break to Marion Jones, the Olympic track star currently serving a six month prison sentence as part of her plea bargain. After compounding her legal problems of lying to the feds about using performance-enhancing drugs with a fraudulent check scheme, Jones’ chances for early release are not too good.

As confirmed by the Justice Department, Jones is merely one of several hundred applicants applying for sentence commutations and presidential pardons. The difference is that a pardon is an “act of forgiveness” which also removes civil liabilities, while a commutation is either a reduction or elimination of a sentence.

Jones has been serving her sentence since March 7 in Texas, which includes 800 hours of community service after release.

With all of the negative attention on steroid use by athletes, Jones is going to find it difficult to garner any sympathy from the president. Because she was in the forefront of the BALCO case and initially pleaded her innocence, Jones has been cast – perhaps unfairly – as the female version of Barry Bonds in many people’s eyes. By serving her time she will probably be looked at in a better light than if she ‘gets off easy.’ There are not too many people out there that will side with her, especially Bush.

In retrospect, it appears that Jones’ biggest mistake was not coming clean about steroids, an even bigger one than using them to begin with.

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