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Weightlifters Dropping Like Flies

Bulgaria Withdraws Team from Olympics; Greece Down 11 Members for Positive Steroid Tests

Perhaps looking to limit bad press by initiating it, two countries have chosen to leave some of the obvious users at home before The Games begin. Bulgaria withdrew it’s entire weightlifting squad following 11 positive steroid tests from both the male and female teams, including 2007 world champion Ivan Stoitsov (left). Greece had the same amount of lifters kicked off the team, but will still send representatives to Beijing.

By appearing to come clean up front, these two nations – who have probably looked the other way at the obvious for decades – now look like the ultimate good guys. By avoiding a possible scandal in this steroid conscious world, both the Greek and Bulgarian teams may not win any hardware in China, but – in the eyes of some – will be more honorable because of that.


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