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An Explanation on Steroid User Interview


We have received a number of emails since publishing ‘Deca Dick’ May or May Not Leave You Hanging a few days ago on MuscleSport Mag. First off, if anyone received the wrong message from it, we would like to apologize. With that said…wake up! The article was obviously written for education and information on a very hot topic, one that will not go away no matter how far some people stick their head in the sand. If anyone thinks that M.T., our interviewee, is unlike many of the people that work out next to us in the various gyms around the world, you are terribly mistaken.

Steroids are not only used by the bodybuilders on stage, the athletes on the field or the movie and rap celebrities on TMZ. No, the average guy or gal out there without much to gain besides what they see in the glass every morning are using performance-enhancing drugs, too.

We are not polarizing this or telling the readers that it is ‘the thing to do,’ but rather merely telling the truth. As we stated in our first article, Welcome to MuscleSport Mag, this is not the place to read about how great a supplement is if it sucks, or that anabolic steroids will kill you by reading the label. No, we’re not pussy-shipped like that. You will hear also not hear what you want to hear, unless that’s the truth.

M.T. is not by any means a bodybuilder, but rather a regular guy looking to get back some of his youth. Is he going about it the proper way by juicing? That’s not for us to say, but we do agree with him when he said that he was too young to use steroids at 19.

Listen, if someone has made up their mind that they want to go that route, they’re going to use no matter what any magazine article tells them. Instead of reading how a professional bodybuilder got huge by taking a three-stack cycle nearly year ’round, we felt that it may seem more realistic to hear about someone who is using that the average reader can relate to. M.T. admitted to some mistakes and also some things that he took away from his 12-week Deca cycle that were positive.

If you read an article telling you that everyone who has ever used steroids has one foot in the ground, that is totally false. If you choose to ‘abuse’ rather than ‘use,’ then that may be your ultimate fate. There are tons of websites that will give you a lot of good information, but it’s refreshing to read what amounts to a ‘reality’ online show. (Boy, I hate those so much. It killed me to even use that analogy.)

When you read something that tells you ‘safe’ ways to use steroids, most tell you to use them under the care of a physician. Yea, right. Who is going to walk into their doctor’s office and throw that one on him? Even if you did come out and ask for a prescription, the chances of you getting it – and the amount of gear that you would need for a legitimate cycle – are not good. If you have a doctor like that in town, that is a rarity indeed.

So, the chances are that you are going to have to learn a lot of this stuff on your own. The forums on the muscle and steroid websites are really good for certain things, but are extremely limited because they’re shaky about legalities. Listen, if you’re not coming out and stating Source A is located here, then you’re not going too far. MuscleSport Mag will tell you to find your own sources, but will also advise on what may be a home for nothing but bunk gear. When you locate one, it may behoove you to check in with us to see if you may pick up a tip or two. Those forums may do the same, but you also have to deal with complete a-holes that will flame your thread when you may ask a question that they deem not worthy of their reading. That – along with the constant annoying reminders to ‘not say that here!’ – are two factors that make forums an OK ‘source’ (sorry, I couldn’t help myself), but a limited and intimidating one to certain folks. We’ll touch base further on forums and message boards and their pros and cons in a future article.

We’re confident that the people who will get something out of these Q & A articles will outweigh the ones who disapprove or misunderstand them. We will continue to speak to these steroid users and let you know what happens with them – good or bad.

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