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Medal Fallout Continues from 2000 Games

IOC Strips US Men’s 4 X 400 Meter Relay Squad of Gold Following Pettigrew’s EPO & HGH Admission

Less than a week before the Opening Ceremonies of the 2008 Summer Olympics in China, the International Olympic Committee’s war on steroids has gone backwards to go forward. Following an admission of using performance-enhancing drugs by one member of the United States 1,600-meter relay team, the governing body has stripped the gold medals from the entire squad that participated in the finals and preliminaries.

Antonio Pettigrew admitted using PEDs during the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000 during testimony of the May trial of Trevor Graham, a former coach of his. On the stand, Pettigrew acknowledged using erythropoietin, commonly known as EPO, and human growth hormone from 1997 to 2003. This started a whirlwind where some of the sprinters, including Pettigrew, stated that they would give back their gold medals. Now they were told to do so, if they wanted to or not.

The timing of the IOC announcement would seem to be a subtle message that even if an athlete thinks that he or she may have gotten away with using a banned substance for a period of time, it may rear its ugly head even years down the road.

Pettigrew also was handed a two-year ban, which probably spells the end of the 40-year old sprinter’s career on the track.

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