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2008 NFL Preview: Dallas Cowboys

America’s Team Should Expect More Games from Pacman

With the start of NFL training camps, MuscleSport Mag will bring you a team-by-team breakdown of all 32 clubs vying for the Lombardi Trophy on February 1, 2009 in Tampa Bay. We will start with the NFC East and work our way around the league.

Coming off a 13-3 season and a division championship, the Dallas Cowboys spent the offseason wondering what could have been following a tough playoff loss in Big D versus the eventual-Super Bowl champion New York Giants. The tears from T.O. may become a familiar sight with the addition of Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones, the much-maligned cornerback late of the Tennessee Titans, who was reinstated by the league following a one-year suspension.

Is he talented? No question, but his off-the-field problems outweigh any good he may do between the white lines. With T.O and ‘don’t call me Pacman’ Jones around, it may be a race to see who could cause more commotion once the hugs and kisses and non-pressure of the preseason ceases.

The Cowboys should have a fine season, distractions not withstanding. Tony Romo is going to get better and learn from his mistakes, while the Giants can’t be expected to have the kind of run they had two years in a row.

The team is strong in trenches, with three Pro Bowlers on the offensive side and a workman group on the D-line. Linebacker Zach Thomas is looking for a bounce-back season after escaping from the 1-15 Dolphins, but a switch to the 3-4 defense may not be the ideal situation for him. A much more physical assignment will be on hand for Thomas, who has had concussion problems.

Dallas may be the team to beat in the NFC, but they will have to win a post-season contest before that 10-gallon hat can be placed on their heads. With their last playoff victory coming in 1996, they are hungry for a big win.

PREDICTION: 12-4, 1st Place, NFC East

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