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Aussie Attempt at Smuggling Steroids as “Gay Lube Oil” Foiled

Thailand Liquid Test & Deca Seized by Customs


Close, but no cigar. Over 150 bottles of liquid testosterone and Deca Durabolin nearly made it through Australian Customs, but the shipment was intercepted by the Dick Tracy’s of the Outback. A clever attempt on masking the steroids in bottles shipped from Thailand marked “Gay Lube Oil” was thwarted, and the quote from a Customs official didn’t seem to come out as planned.
“They might think we won’t examine it because…it’s a bit yucky or whatever,” Richard Janeczko told reporters.

With the recent crack downs on performance-enhancing drugs, dealers have taken smuggling to the next level, and this is a prime example of that. What was once only expected from cocaine and heroin seizures, steroids have become a huge underground business, raking in millions of dollars.

Operations such as last years “Raw Deal” has put the war on steroids in the forefront, and seizures similar to the one in Australia may become commonplace.

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