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Jamaican Runner Cries Foul – During Shoe Promotion

Olympian Asafa Powell Volunteers for Anti-Doping Testing Program; Complains About It Later

The only line you really need to read in this entire fiasco was that Asafa Powell of Jamaica made this stunning accusation during a news conference promoting his shoe sponsor.

Now that we have established the motive, the star runner stood on his soapbox and claimed that although he was one of 10 track and field athletes to volunteer for an anti-doping testing program, Powell feels that the International Association of Athletics Federation have overstepped their boundaries. Since arriving in Beijing on August 1, Powell has been tested four times and now is claiming, “They are taking so much blood, I am going to be very weak before the final of the 100 meters,” he said in the AP report.

Let’s see…athlete needs to attract attention for the shoe company that he is plugging, not enough electricity, throw in a controversial topic to make shoe company happy.

The only thing left would have been if Powell tried to say that he was being singled out for extra testing because of his race, and the other nine athletes in the program were not tested as often as he. When in doubt, cause a commotion. Stay tuned.

Photo credit: The Final Sprint

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