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Marion Jones Freed; How Long Before Book is Out?

BALCO Sprinter Cut Loose After Nearly 6 Months in Slammer

Give it six months to a year. Tops. That’s how long it should take for Marion Jones to pen her memoirs and jump on the sword in the same breath while blaming everyone else for her troubles. The former Olympic sprinter was recently released from a federal prison before the minimum six months was even up.

Victor Conte, who Jones knows well enough to obtain steroids from and then sue for defamation, has a book that is being released shortly and Jones’ name is sure to come up. For her to combat this, she will need her own soapbox to speak her mind, which she will most likely do with a tell-all book.

According to Jones’ former teammate, Chryste Gaines, who had her own trouble with performance-enhancing drug accusations,
“She’ll be fine,” Gaines said, referring to Jones. “She’ll do her jail time, apologize and write a book about it.”

Jones has paid the price for using steroids, and has the right to write a book. If she makes money on it, all power to her. Hopefully, she will not look to make excuses and back out of what she already has admitted to. It will be a much more truthful appearing tome if she comes totally clean and just says what the truth was – she did what many others have done and would have done in the same position.

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