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Feds Squeezing Anderson to Squeal on Bonds

Family Members Feeling Heat; Trainer May Decide to Flip

It’s an old ploy, used by a number of different agencies. If you don’t care about your own freedom, then we’ll start picking on your loved ones. Maybe their well-being means more to you, and then we can finally get what we want out of you.

Greg Anderson has sat in a jail cell because he refused to testify against Barry Bonds, who has – for some reason – become John Dillinger and Al Capone rolled into one. They will stop at nothing to get the goods on baseball’s home run king, even if that means going after his mother-in-law.

Both the New York Times and San Francisco Chronicle reported that Madeline Gestas is being investigated for possible tax violations, an obvious tactic to pressure Anderson into coming clean of what he knows of Bonds’ alleged steroid use.

We don’t know if Anderson and his mother-in-law are close, or even get along like Ralph Kramden and Mrs. Gibson did. Nicole Anderson filed a petition last November to have her marriage annulled, but it was never served. If that is any indication of his relationship with that side of the family, Ms. Gestas may have to handle this one on her own.

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