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Clemens Snubbed in Stadium Send-Off

Rocket Not Invited to Pre-Game Reunion

Most of the former players that were held in high esteem were there. Not just old timers like the greta Yogi Berra, but more recent ones such as Paul O’Neill and Bernie Williams. But nowhere to be seen was Roger Clemens, who was an important piece in the Yankee dynasty during his tenure from 1999 to 2003.

A favorite of owner George Steinbrenner, the Rocket even came back out of another brief retirement in glorious fashion in 2007 by making the announcement himself from the Boss’ private luxury box. But even that wasn’t enough to bring him around for one more appearance at his old stomping grounds.

The Yankees’ silence on the subject spoke volumes. By not touching Clemens with a 10-foot pole, they have made it clear that due to his performance-enhancing drug allegations, he is no longer welcome in their home. Regardless of his repeated denials, it is so blatantly obvious that Clemens used them and has hurt his image by not coming clean.

The Yankees won two straight World Series with Clemens when he was first acquired from Toronto, and also played in two others. He had 14, 13, 20, 13 and 17 wins in pinstripes. Appearing washed up, he struggled to a 6-6 mark in his return last summer.

Always a fan favorite, it would have been interesting to see the reaction Clemens would have received. Unfortunately, we will never know.

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