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Will Pettitte Return to Yankees in 2009?

Future Uncertain with Shaky Second Half

Perhaps it was fitting that Andy Pettitte received the win in the final game ever at Yankee Stadium. Improving to 14-14, the veteran southpaw persevered to even his mark after going winless in his previous five starts. His last win came back on August 20 at Toronto.

It has been a trying season for Pettitte, who had to deal with all the performance-enhancing drug allegations against himself and good friend Roger Clemens. That seemed to be forgotten as he started out 9-5, but since going 4-0 in June, he has not faired as well.

Once the season concludes, both Pettitte and the Yankees need to make some very important decisions. First off, Pettitte has to decide if he wants to return for his 15th major league campaign. At 36, he is not very old, but has obviously passed his prime some time ago. He can still be a good starter in this league and would probably be invited back on a one-year deal with an option if he decides to come back.

Figure on the Yankees to be very active in both the trade and free agent markets, especially for starters. With the opening of the new Yankee Stadium, money will be no object (as if it ever was in the Bronx). Top of the line free agents like C.C. Sabathia and Ben Sheets will receive offers from the Yanks and they may land one of them.

The Yankees’ general manager situation is also up in the air. Incumbent Brian Cashman’s contract is up and he is no lock to return.

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