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MSM Olympia Prediction – Dexter Jackson Wins

The Blade Will Shred the Rest of the Board

Predictions are like opinions. Not everyone will agree with them, but that’s why we make them. Just for the hell of it, MuscleSport Mag has the Mr. Olympia board after witnessing the pre-judging as follows:

1- Dexter Jackson
2- Jay Cutler
3- Phil Heath
4- Dennis Wolf
5- Tony Freeman
6- Gustavo Badell

Badell is just a hunch. He came in looking good and has a great stage presence.

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  1. Joe Pietaro

    September 28, 2008 at 12:22 am

    Bingo. Not bad for a stab, huh? Outside of Badell – who deserved better than 10th – I should have called the bookie on this one.

    The crowd also agreed that Badell should have placed higher than he did, booing the announcement.

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