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Muscular Development – 500 Word Article Submission (Oct.)

Voting Poll to be Open Soon for Next Winner

The monthly 500 Word Article Submission Contest on the Muscular Development website forums has already begun posting some of the entries, with the winner having his/her article published in the print magazine. Voting will begin shortly and go until November 12. Is this a shameless ploy to get some votes for my entry, “Over Time…” by MuscleSport Mag? You bet, it is! To get your by-line in MD should not be taken lightly, and I’m not doing so. If you have never been on the boards, then you’re doing yourself a disservice. MD is the top publication out there and their website is loaded with great material. The forums are legendary, especially the ‘No Bull’ section. Sign up, post and don’t forget to vote every month. (

Over Time…

Oh, there goes that damn alarm clock again. Let me just hit the ‘snooze’ button once or twice then I’ll drag myself out of bed. A quick something to eat and off to the gym. Then it’s another session that I can probably do in my sleep, and the way I feel today I may just be doing that. Have to wake myself up and by the time I finish my warm-ups, the blood has started pumping.

Now I’m beginning to remember why I have been doing this since high school. It’s been over 25 years since then and I’m still moving iron around as if I was getting paid overtime to do it.

And you know what, the reward from doing it all this time isn’t anything you can buy (well, maybe you can in some ways). While all those other lazy SOBs are shoving glazed donuts down their throats, I’m here playing those same songs over my iPod sweating bullets. Blasting my chest, blowing out my biceps, adding another two plates for the next set of squats.

Some days it gets real hard to throw up that amount of weight. Am I going to admit to myself that it’s time to slow it down some and just stop by the gym the old ‘three days a week?’ You know, the bare minimum that some do just so they can justify that expensive membership and second helping of dessert? Listen, if I ever become one of them, please take me out of my misery.

This isn’t just something we do to kill time. It’s a way of life, a commitment and not to be taken for granted. It makes you drop bad habits and go back to what you were taught as a kid – no sweets, eat right and get good rest. How many people can have grilled chicken three or more nights a week and not get tired of it? We do it because we are taking care of our biggest asset.

The workouts blend in from week to month to year. Sometimes it feels like an almost robotic type of ritual. But when you miss one you regret it all day long. That’s when you know that it has become second nature to you.

So let them say what they want and think that you’re crazy for doing what you do. Plain yogurt and fresh fruit do taste better than that bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. Water washes down a meal just as good as soda, and that extra hour sleep will fell good in the morning. Because that’s when it counts.

Time and time again.

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