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MLS Players Kicked Out for Using ‘Loaded’ Supplement

New York Red Bulls Lose Two During Playoff Push

Coming at the most inopportune time, goalkeeper Jon Conway and defender Jeff Parke of the New York Red Bulls were both handed a 10-game suspension for violating the MLS substance abuse policy. They will miss at least the team’s final two regular season games as the club is striving for a playoff berth.

Both are claiming that they took an unnamed “over-the-counter nutritional supplement” purchased from a “vitamin store that is part of a national chain,” according to a league statement. This mystery concoction is said to contain ATD, a substance that metabolizes into boldenone. It would seem that this claim would have more validity if both the store and supplement were named. How easy is it to just turn around and plead ignorance? Perhaps they did divulge this information to MLS officials and the league chose to not release it, but it all seems a bit sketchy with the scant report.

The first game they missed turned out to be a blessing in surprise, as replacement goalie Danny Depero – who had not played a minute during the season – scored a goal on an 81-yard free kick in a 3-1 win over Columbus. The team has one game remaining to round out their schedule, which they hope will extend into the postseason.

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