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SOMALYZE (adj): To Sleep. Perchance to grow

By Leigh Penman

If there were a bodybuilding dictionary then the word/product ‘Somalyze’ would surely fall into the above definition. Somalyze was developed by Species Nutrition to fill the vacant shoes of a sleep driven muscle enhancing product which actually delivered – rather than promised – results. The question on everyone’s lips is did this, relative newcomer on the supplement scene; succeed in bringing results instead of just delivering empty promises?

For the answer I had to do one of my legendary road tests…but first, let’s consider the facts when considering the use of this supplement. First of all (and most importantly) the ingredients:

SOMALYZE contains the following ingredients in a single (3 capsule) serving:

Vitamin E – 80 i.u.
GABA (Gamma Amino butyric Acid) – 2000mg
Propionyl-L Carnitine – 150mg
Usnic Acid – 12mg
Melatonin – 3mg

So how does all this add up in terms of results?

Well, let’s consider the merits of each of these components individually as we ask them to take turns under the supplement spotlight:

GABA (Gamma Amino butyric Acid)

GABA is a supplement that I have personally used for almost two years. Having been a chronic insomniac I found this to be the only product to actually produce measurable effects. GABA is an amino acid that functions as the chief inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. In fact, when it is disrupted serious conditions such as epilepsy, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders and addiction can result. Its inclusion here is invaluable due, not only to its ability to promote relaxation (and therefore, sleep) but also due to its noted ability to stimulate the release of Growth Hormone (GH). The release of Growth Hormone is fundamental to the mobilization of fat for energy and for the repair of muscle tissue broken down through exercise.


Carnitine has a profound role in human bioenergetics and it has been claimed that no other compound is equipped to replace it when it comes to regulating energy production. However, factors such as stress, exercise and the aging process can lead to low circulating levels of this nutrient. In addition to its energy enhancing ability (and of more importance in ‘bedtime supplement’) is its ability to combat delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) due to the fact that it enhances the transport of blood and oxygen to trained muscles. It also assists in the elimination of toxic by-products of energy metabolism that can lead to low-grade inflammation in muscle tissue. Carnitine also drives fatty acids into the mitochondria of the muscles and enhances their oxidation. As if all that wasn’t enough, Carnitine also interacts with androgen receptors and leads to a natural increase in testosterone levels.

Of particular interest, as far as this product is concerned, is that Propionyl – L – Carnitine (a relatively new version of L-Carnitine) has proven more effective when it comes to combating low oxygen status and muscle fatigue in heart and skeletal muscle than standard L-Carnitine. This is due to its greater ability to actually penetrate skeletal muscle and facilitate long chain fatty acid transportation into the mitochondria.


Usnic Acid is a naturally occurring substance that has shown great promise in the area of weight loss. Derived from the plant Lichin, it has the ability to exert an energy wasting effect in the body. It achieves this by disrupting the ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) cycle of energy production in the body. So why would this be a good thing when most products boast about their ability to enhance ATP production?

To answer this you have to take a closer look at the energy cycle within the human body. Put simply, the oxidation of fatty acids within a muscle cell produces the energy compound known as ATP. Usnic Acid steps in like a referee in a boxing ring and effectively breaks up this process. This causes the energy created to be dissipated as heat rather than used for fuel (which you will experience via a slight increase in body temperature). Of course the muscle cell is then left starving for fuel which it has to obtain from another source and it does this by mobilizing and oxidizing additional fatty acids, thus enhancing weight loss.

With this in mind it should come as no surprise that Usnic Acid has been deemed to be the most potent weight loss product on the market today…. and you will find it here!


Melatonin is a well-known sleep aid, which is often used by travelers to combat the effects of jet lag caused by a disruption of the circadian rhythm resulting from traveling through time zones.

Secreted by the pineal gland, melatonin basically informs the body whether it is day or night based on the flow of light through the retina of the eye. Taken in supplement form Melatonin has natural sedative like effects that enhance relaxation and sleep. When sleep is disrupted your ability to recover and grow from workouts is affected. Your hunger control switch is also turned off, leading to an increase in appetite, which has little to do with actual requirement for food (in other words you will develop the eating habits of a goldfish!). These two facts alone make Melatonin a worthy addition to this formula.


You will also find Vitamin E in this product. Vitamin E is known as a powerful anti-oxidant, which also functions as a potent inhibitor of free-radicals (which can lead to damage throughout the body and increase the aging process).


On taking this product for the first time you will definitely feel it working as the GABA it contains often causes a niacin like flush. You may also encounter a slight rise in temperature due to the Usnic Acid content. Embrace these sensations should they occur, as they are only proof of the high quality of ingredients included. However, if you do not encounter any immediate effects don’t assume the worst…some people have a higher tolerance for supplements or a slower metabolic breakdown of supplements in general. The truth is, this product works on a biochemical level that may not be immediately perceived via sensation feedback. However, when you take a look at your body in the mirror after a few weeks of use it will be hard to deny the obvious changes on view.

So, can you sleep and grow?

Well, with ‘Somalyze’ it certainly appears that you can not only sleep and grow but also sleep and sow the seeds of a shredded physique worthy of a judge’s callback and an audience’s roar!

Leigh Penman, in addition to be a staff writer at MuscleSport Mag, has been writing for bodybuilding magazines, websites and nutritional supplement companies since 1985. Whilst residing in the UK, she earned the reputation of being one of the top female writers in bodybuilding-related media. Her credits included being a contributing editor on all the magazines in production as well as filling the shoes of Ladies Editor and Showbiz Editor on two publications (the later being on Arnold’s sanctioned magazine, ‘Bodypower’). During this time she also competed successfully on four occasions (placing in the top four in all contests).

Relocating to New York in the late 1990s she focused her writing attention to crystal healing techniques and metaphysics – however, she still maintained a five day workout schedule during this time and gained her personal training certificate.

Having also studied pharmacology in relation to sports performance, her writing began taking her in that direction until the present day which sees her embarking on a return to the magazine world, as well as extending her web-related work in the bodybuilding and fitness field.

Leigh has been working out for close to thirty years so she is clearly a writer who ‘walks her talk.’
She can be contacted personally at or you can also check her out at New York’s favorite metaphysical store

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