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Marion Jones Hallucinating on Oprah Winfrey

Claims That She Would Have Won Without Steroids

Having been suspected of using performance-enhancing drugs all the way back to her high school days, it is difficult to even make a fair comparison to what Marion Jones may have been able to accomplish if she was natural. The track star – who was recently released from federal prison after serving a six-month sentence – made an appearance on “The Orpah Winfrey Show” and claimed that she would have been as successful without steroids.

Not only is that preposterous, but goes against everything that has been previously proven. Jones may regret her decision to use PEDs, but to deny what they did for her performance makes her appear even more a liar than she already has.

Jones denying the usage of these substances when taken to task is understandable. She was hoping that the proverbial ‘smoking gun’ would not be found and she could talk her way out of it. But she got caught and later admitted to it. Not satisfied leaving well enough alone, Jones was obviously looking for sympathy and found the right taker in Winfrey, who may as well have been there swabbing Jones’ tears as the former Olympic athlete read a letter she penned in the slammer. It was addressed to her children and Jones tells them the reason why she lied to prosecutors was because she “didn’t love herself enough to tell the truth.”

Using the same ridiculous excuse that Barry Bonds did, Jones reiterates that she was under the impression that the substance given to her by her coach Trevor Graham was flaxseed oil when it was in fact the BALCO designer steroid ‘the clear.’ Graham has his own problems, being sentenced a week ago to one year of home confinement for lying to investigators.

Jones, 33, has only admitted to using steroids between September 2000 and July 2001. Since missing a random drug test during high school in the early 1990s, the specter of steroids have followed her. From her ex-husband C.J. Hunter testing positive two years before their breakup, every person that Jones has been involved with in the track and field world has had either the suspicion of or admitted the use of steroids. All of that can’t be coincidental.

During the show, Jones said, “I’ll ask myself, ‘Well, if you hadn’t been given ‘the clear’ do you think you would’ve won?’ I usually answer, ‘Yes.’ “

Whatever Jones did, she did. Trying to make up excuses now and use her own children as a way of gathering sympathy and support only makes her look more pathetic than she already does. Why did she lie to the investigators? Because she didn’t want to get caught. The nonsense about not loving herself enough is just that – pure nonsense.

Jones was a great athlete and even though she has been stripped of her medals and records, the majority of the playing field was even when she competed. If anyone believes that Jones was the only one out there using steroids, then you probably also feel that she meant what she wrote to her children.

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