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Leigh Penman Special Guest on This Week’s ‘MuscleSport Radio’

MuscleSport Mag Staff Writer/Steroid Profile Writer to Take Gear Questions

If you ever had a question about anabolic steroids, this Tuesday’s episode of ‘MuscleSport Radio’ is your chance to get a straight answer. MuscleSport Mag staff writer Leigh Penman, who has contributed numerous steroid profiles to the publication, will be the special guest and the open forum is being encouraged.

Penman has over 20 years of writing and editing experience and has been training for 30 years in the United States and United Kingdom.

Feel free to call in and be heard live on the air. Our call-in number is (347) 884-8157.

Be sure to listen on Tuesday, November 4 from 3 to 4 pm (Eastern time) on Blog Talk Radio ( .

On next week’s show (Tuesday, November 11), we will be joined by one of bodybuilding’s biggest names of all time, Bill Grant.

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