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Feel the “Agony” Over Roger Clemens – Brian McNamee Lawsuit

Houston, We Have a Problem

For a man that had been given kudos for giving money to vagrants and preferring to be called by his first name, U.S. District Judge Keith P. Ellison seems like a reasonable man. Maybe that is the problem why he has had such a difficult time coming to a decision in the infamous Roger Clemens – Brian McNamee civil lawsuit.

After hearing both sides argue about the case for two hours in a Houston courtroom, ‘Keith’ said, “I really have been agonizing over these claims.” Perhaps many of us would, but it would probably have more to do with the comedic team of Clemens and his band of merry men. Joe Roden – an attorney with the offices of good ol’ Rusty Hardin – is working on this case.

Just for the sheer ridiculousness of this entire fiasco, it will be a cat fight either way Ellison rules. He most likely will not drop the entire matter and may rule to have the case heard in New York, as McNamee’s lawyer Richard Emery has claimed.

When will The Rocket let the matter go? It is so obvious that he used performance-enhancing drugs and does not have the balls to admit it. Even if every civil court in the country finds him in favor, the court of public opinion is going to be the deciding factor if he is remembered as a juice monkey or arguably the best pitcher of all time.


  1. Vanguard

    November 7, 2008 at 2:51 pm

    Oh, really….it’s so obvious Clemens used? I can’t believe that people don’t do the research themselves before writing such things. Please people, go the the government oversight website download the pdfs of the hearing and READ them…all of them…the lying and uncertainty by both McNamee and Andy Pettite are not to be believed. Read the affadavits by all the real doctors (McNamee claims to have a doctorate…then he didn’t…then , oh sorry , it was given to him by some online shady university…go look that one up too….you’ll see it was shut down…)

    Then after you’ve read all the governments own documents of what was said, then try to come back and make some intelligent comments, instead of believing one rag paper out of New York aka The New York Daily News. Have you even seen one other paper do their own investigation of what the NYDN reports? I haven’t. They all cite the NYDN as THEIR source. C’mon people….that is not journalism and getting to the truth.

    Surely as Americans we are smarter than that, aren’t we? I’m not going to tell you what to believe, just investigate yourselves further than one or two sources. Has the NYDN done that. I highly doubt it.

    Any of you think McNamee will counter with a lawsuit against Clemens if the judge in Houston throws out the lawsuit? And don’t whine and tell me it’s because he hasn’t any funds to do it. After all, isn’t Emery doing this pro bono?


  2. Joe Pietaro

    November 7, 2008 at 9:53 pm

    Vanguard –

    I appreciate your comment, although I disagree with your views. That’s why we all have our own minds and can ‘agree to disagree.’

    Why do I feel that Clemens used steroids? There are so many signs that just McNamee saying it is far from what made my mind up for me. And I really don’t care that he did. It is just easy to pick apart the things that he has done since all of this news broke.

    I agree about the NY DN. That paper is a real rag and used to be so much more credible. Then they went into the ‘headline gutter’ like the Post.

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