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Bob Alejo Back with Oakland A’s; Jason Giambi Next?

Will Grunge Look and Muscles Also Make a Return?

The Yankees declining Jason Giambi’s 2009 option came as no surprise, but the fact that he may end up back in Oakland can be viewed as a mild one. The slugging first baseman’s former guru with the Athletics and Yanks, Bob Alejo, has been brought back by the A’s as director of strength and conditioning. Can this spell the return of the former American League MVP?

Giambi’s relationship with Alejo goes back to 1993 and after he was banned from the Bronx Bombers’ clubhouse in 2005, Giambi could not have been thrilled. Rekindling that relationship has to have some value to Giambi, who paid Alejo $125,000 (including a 401(k) plan) to leave his position as Oakland’s strength and conditioning coach in 2002 to become his personal trainer.

Giambi had a different look and attitude when he was in Oakland, and was known for his long hair and goatee as much as his tattooed biceps. In New York, he conformed to the clean-cut style that the Yankees demand, but did grow a pretty nice sized mustache last summer.

Although many view his tenure in the Bronx as a failure, Giambi did hit at least 30 home runs and drive in over 80 runs in five of the seven seasons in which he played in 100 games or more. he turned 37 last season and hit .247 with 32 long balls and 96 RBI.

Currently at the ‘gateway’ position, the A’s have Daric Barton (.226, 9, 47) and Jack Hannahan (.218, 9, 47). That’s not a typo or misprint – both guys had the same power production. At DH, the A’s have Frank Thomas and Jack Cust, so if they do sign Giambi, it would be as a first baseman.

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