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Full Slate on Tap This NFL Sunday

Rivalry Games Highlight Match-ups as Second Half of Season Kicks Off

As Week 10 had an early start with a Thursday night game in Cleveland, the full serving will take place on Sunday. The marquee contest will be played in the evening when the New York Giants face the Eagles for the first time as defending Super Bowl champions, with this one being played in Philadelphia.

A battle for supremacy in the AFC East will take place in New England, as two 5-3 teams (Pats and Bills) face off. What could either be great or disappointing games are the Colts visiting Pittsburgh and Tennessee at Chicago.

Indy is only 4-4 but can still turn things around. The Titans are 8-0 but coming into the Windy City – even with Rex Grossman starting – is not a walk in the park.

The worst thing about this weekend is the lousy match-up on Monday Night Football. The most interesting part about San Francisco at Arizona will be to see if Niners interim head coach Mike Singletary blows at the post game press conference. I forsee excellent material for a future Coors Lite commercial coming.

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