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Bill Grant Talks About the ‘Mecca’ on MuscleSport Radio

Legendary Bodybuilder Joins Us for Special Episode

Make sure to download this week’s episode of MuscleSport Radio, which included a special interview with legendary bodybuilder Bill Grant, the former Mr. America and Mr. World. Bill shares some great memories with us about being one of the early pioneers of the sport in Venice, California back in 1975. Gold’s Gym, better known as the ‘Mecca,’ and the motion picture “Pumping Iron” are just some of the topics discussed. Arnold, Vince Gironda and Joe Weider’s names also came up, so this is one show you will not want to miss.

Be sure to listen to ‘MuscleSport radio’ live every Tuesday from 3 to 4 pm (Eastern time) on Episodes can be heard live or via download on Blog Talk Radio, iTunes or MuscleSport Mag. On next week’s show, our special guest will be Boyer Coe. On 11/25/08, we will be joined by 1983 Mr. Olympia Samir Bannout.

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