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By Leigh Penman

Let’s face it; most of us fear the chiropractor like we fear the onslaught of winter after the balmy summer months. My first chiropractic treatment was preceded by a host of scare stories issued by well meaning friends eager to ‘clue me in’ on what was about to happen to me.

This resulted in my walking into the 5th Avenue office of Dr Elizabeth Greenberg in a state of mild terror. However, all my fears were cast aside when she introduced me to the Pro-Adjuster. Let me tell you, when it comes to skeletal adjustment this is ‘state-of-the art’.

Using the same technology utilized by NASSA engineers to evaluate the integrity of ceramic cooling tiles on the outside of the space shuttle, the Pro-Adjuster actually makes treatment enjoyable. What’s more, you are able to actually see the results of each manipulation presented before you via a computer graphic screen.


Under traditional examination a Chiropractor palpates your spine checking for joint fluidity, motion and, or rigidity. Any improper motion which effects nerve function is called a ‘subluxation’. The Pro-Adjuster consists of an electronic ‘tuning fork’, which exerts a gentle tapping motion as it travels down the spinal column seeking out any abnormalities. The precision technology it utilizes means that it can swiftly isolate a problem area and correcting it is done over a series of treatments which use no more than an acceleration of the original tapping sensation that in no way steps out of your comfort zone.

Stepping back into the world of traditional chiropractic for a moment, when manual palpation is used the body goes into a state of defense. Muscles contract as a programmed safety measure and guard against impact. However, the sensor in the Pro-Adjuster responds and registers information faster than your body’s ability to react. This enables a highly accurate picture of each vertebra and its rigidity or fluidity to be presented to the practitioner. The information is then transmitted directly to the computer for interpretation, all before the muscle can respond in a traditional way.

Believe me, this is truly state-of-the art technology!


So what can you expect when you enter the world of the Pro-Adjuster for the first time?
Well, first of all, the doctor will need you to fill out a traditional intake form, which will detail your medical history etc. This will be followed by a consultation where your condition and specific needs will be further evaluated.

You will then be introduced to the Pro-Adjuster and an initial check of the status of your spinal cord will be conducted and reflected to you via a computer representation. Treatment will then commence as the doctor applies the Pro-Adjuster’s resonant force impulses precisely to the affected areas.

Over the course of several treatments spinal alignment will be measurably improved and any abnormal pressure on the nerves will be relieved. This will effectively restore the ability of the nervous system to transmit signals to and from the brain and subsequently alleviate pain.
An additional side effect is an increase in energy along with better sleeping patterns and a generally increased feeling of well being – which can border on euphoria after the first treatment!


Okay, so now you know the how and the why, just exactly where can you find this cutting edge technology?

Well, I managed to locate one of the few trained practitioners in this treatment at Flatiron Health Associates on Fifth Avenue in New York. Dr Elizabeth Greenberg has over twenty years of experience in the area of chiropractic adjustment and is fully trained in the use of the Pro-Adjuster. Her clients include many athletes and bodybuilders who have turned to the Pro-Adjuster as a viable alternative to traditional chiropractic treatment that produces measurable results.
So if you are seeking more energy, less fatigue, better sleeping patterns and a vastly improved ability to recover from strenuous workouts – to name just a few of the benefits achieved from the use of this technology contact Dr Elizabeth Greenberg at Flatiron Health Associates, 89 Fifth Avenue, Suite 604, New York, NY 10003.
Telephone: 212 627 2660 or e-mail:

Leigh Penman, in addition to be a staff writer at MuscleSport Mag, has been writing for bodybuilding magazines, websites and nutritional supplement companies since 1985. Whilst residing in the UK, she earned the reputation of being one of the top female writers in bodybuilding-related media. Her credits included being a contributing editor on all the magazines in production as well as filling the shoes of Ladies Editor and Showbiz Editor on two publications (the later being on Arnold’s sanctioned magazine, ‘Bodypower’). During this time she also competed successfully on four occasions (placing in the top four in all contests).

Relocating to New York in the late 1990s she focused her writing attention to crystal healing techniques and metaphysics – however, she still maintained a five day workout schedule during this time and gained her personal training certificate.

Having also studied pharmacology in relation to sports performance, her writing began taking her in that direction until the present day which sees her embarking on a return to the magazine world, as well as extending her web-related work in the bodybuilding and fitness field.

Leigh has been working out for close to thirty years so she is clearly a writer who ‘walks her talk.’
She can be contacted personally at or you can also check her out at New York’s favorite metaphysical store

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