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Donovan McNabb – Far from the Only Stupid Eagle

More Philadelphia Players Unaware of Tie Rule During NFL Regular Season

It only gets worse. Just when you thought that Donovan McNabb was the only NFL player dumb enough to not know that a regular season game can end in a tie, a few of his teammates have come to their quarterback’s rescue. Running back Corell Buckhalter, wide receiver DeSean Jackson and linebacker Omar Gaither all admitted on Monday that they, too, were in the dark during the overtime period of yesterday’s 13-13 tie against the Cincinnati Bengals.

That makes three Eagles who believed that the teams would keep playing until someone scored, instead of the game ending in a draw after the extra session. The blame has to go square on the shoulders of Andy Reid, and the head coach told reporters, “I’ll take the responsibility for that.” But it isn’t as simple as that. Reid – who has been under fire due to the team’s lackluster 5-4-1 record – needs to explain how anyone wearing an NFL uniform could be as uninformed as that. The coaching staff either failed to do their job or the players are just plain stupid.

Conveniently, McNabb was not available on Monday for reporters to take him to task, which would have definitely been the case. Not only did he make a complete fool of himself by not knowing the OT tie rule, but played miserably by going 28-for-58 with three interceptions and a fumble. Those numbers are bad enough if the Eagles were playing a good team, but to do that against the one-win ‘Bungles’ only exasperates the situation.

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