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Brian Dawkins Even Dumber than McNabb

It Only Gets Worse in Philly

They say misery loves company, but if you’re Donovan McNabb, you probably wish that your own teammates would just be quiet and let this thing die already. No matter what defense is put forth, the fact of the matter is that professional athletes – numerous on one team alone – were totally unaware of a very simple overtime rule.

Brian Dawkins was the latest Eagle to jump on the stupid sword and admit that he, too, was in the dark at one time with the game ending in a tie. His mistake was back in 1997, so maybe he should have made sure that the rest of the guys knew the situation.

Dawkins’ not only sounded ridiculous by getting so uptight over the situation, he didn’t even explain himself correctly. At a press conference, he told reporters that if the Eagles had “won the game and he (McNabb) had said what he said, would it be a big deal now?” Oh…yes! Why not, Brian? He would look just as stupid regardless of the outcome of the game. Then, Dawkins takes it a step further by saying, “But because we lost the game, now it’s a huge deal.” Hey, Brian…you didn’t lose the game. It was a tie, and that’s where all of this nonsense started.

Don’t get me wrong. McNabb has been a class act and could be given a pass here, but that is impossible. You are getting paid millions of dollars to play a game and you should know a rule like that cold. It isn’t some obscure section in the back of the rule book. Just because it does not happen often doesn’t make it something to fluff off.

To cap off a session that made him look like the most uneducated person on this planet, Dawkins got on the media for taking the team to task, which has been richly deserved this season. “You can’t have it both ways,” he said. “Either get on us when we know the rules and win or leave us alone both ways. It’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous.”

It certainly is, Brian. You said it yourself – twice for emphasis.

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