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Dumb Donovan Blows, Then Benched in Ugly Loss to Ravens

No Rule Knowledge Needed from Sidelines for Soon-to-Be Former Philly QB

Not to kick someone when they’re down, but Donovan McNabb did himself no favors by playing as bad as you could on the heels of outing yourself as arguably the most unintelligent quarterback in the professional ranks. His putrid number not withstanding (8 for 18, 59 yards, 2 interceptions), Mr. Chunky (Dumb as) Soup found himself on the bench at the start of the second half, a move that Andy Reid – who will find himself on the unemployment line before Dick Clark struggles to ring in the New Year – covered his wide ass by stating afterwards that he had pondered pulling his starting quarterback BEFORE the game, as if he though McNabb would somehow salvage both of their jobs in one half.

Second-year player Kevin Kolb came in and did his best McNabb impersonation (10 for 23, 73 yards, 2 interceptions) in a 36-7 romp at the hands of the medicore Baltimore Ravens and their rookie signal-caller, Joe Flacco. One of Kolb’s picks included a 108-yard return for a touchdown. Ouch!

With the loss, you can now count out the 5-5-1 Eagles from any shot at making the postseason, in case you were wondering. Not that it really matters, but Reid stated in his post game press conference that he was not sure who his starting quarterback will be for the remainder of the miserable campaign.

The Eagles have a team option on McNabb that will cost them in excess of $10 million towards their salary cap for 2009, so unless team owner Jeffrey Lurie is as stupid as his quarterback, expect both McNabb and Reid to find themselves badmouthing Philadelphia on their way out of town. Both will land on their feet, as previous success in the NFL does carry over for a little while (see Rich Kotitie), but one has to figure that they have seen their best days and are headed for a deep slide.

Wherever McNabb ends up, figure on some flash cards and a book report as part of his criteria to ‘make the grade.’ Just kidding, of course, but if you were contemplating signing a guy like that, it would be your duty to call him on the carpet and throw a few ‘quiz’ questions to him, sort of like when a general manager interview a potential head coach and gives him scenarios to see what he would do.

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