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LenDale White Pouts After Just One Titan Loss

Lightning Rod for Controversy Lives Up to his Reputation

Just imagine if LenDale White was on the 0-11 Detroit Lions. Following the previous unbeaten Titans 34-13 loss to the New York Jets in Tennessee, the controversial running back obviously was looking to distance himself in what was a game totally dominated by the visitors. Standing by his locker and complaining of his lack of touches to reporters shows how selfish and the former USC player really is.

Not only did his quotes show that he is far from a ‘team player,’ but that he is obviously spent more time away from the books in college than in them. (Here’s a vote that he was unaware of the overtime rule before Donovan McNabb copyrighted it.) Try these on for size: “I only played three plays, so I couldn’t really tell you what happened; I have no idea. I wasn’t paying attention so I didn’t care,” and “I ain’t got no conversation for nobody. I don’t care. If they have something to tell me, if they need to tell me I’m not going to play, then they should tell me.”

That was just a sample of White’s barrage, which also included him reminding everyone that he was only involved in three plays ( 1 carry for -1 yards), ad naseum. This while not missing a beat returning the oversized diamond stud earring to his left ear, which he appeared to have nearly a hard time with than he did with the football during the loss.

For shits ‘n’ giggles, check out the video clip of White’s rant here:

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