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Salary Cap Making NBA Even Less Important

Teams Tanking Seasons No Way to Bring Back Fans

A tough sell has become even tougher due to a rule that was put in place to create parity, but its effect has done nothing but cause parody in the National Basketball Association. The salary cap has destroyed organizations if long-term mistakes happened to be made. No one has paid the price for this as much as the New York Knicks, who have thrown in the towel for the next two years in the hope that they can throw enough money at LeBron James to convince him to resurrect the dead at the World’s Most Famous Arena.

King James (along with Dewayne Wade, Chris Bosh and Amare Stoudemire) hits the open market in 2010 and has become the apple of the Big Apple’s eye with the fantasy of him coming to Manhattan. But until then, the Knicks – and many other teams around the league – will suck on purpose and throw whatever they can on the court, as long as they’ll be packing their bags in the next 24 months.

This way of thinking has not helped a league in need of a marketing boost, something that will bring the fans back that have left or never came. Without a Magic Johnson or Michael Jordan, the NBA has found it difficult to sell its product to the casual fan. For whatever reason, basketball has been hitting a rocky road in gaining more popularity. Some say that it is a hip-hop league and the ‘thug’ reputation has turned off many. Commissioner David Stern has worked diligently to make his sport better, and adjusting the salary cap and how it effects teams should be the first thing that he fixes, which is more important than wearing suits on road trips.

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