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Antonio Pierce’s Actions Something Out of “The Sopranos”; Committed Crime Himself

Giant LB Hid Plaxico’s Gun “Somewhere in Jersey”

Making his weekly scheduled appearance on WFAN’s Mike Francesa radio show, New York Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce couldn’t talk about what the host really wanted him to due to legalities surrounding the Plaxico Burress shooting. Because Big Blue has been so successful on the field that even a big road win against a divisional foe has become boring news, the incident at the Latin Quarters nightclub is the headline.

What did come out today was that Pierce and running back Ahmad Bradshaw were the two teammates with Burress and his wife out partying in the wee hours early Friday morning and that after Burress accidentally shot himself in the right thigh, it was Pierce who took possession of the gun and stashed it “somewhere in Jersey.” The gun was subsequently turned over to the police after a warrant was obtained. To cover his ass, Pierce has hired an attorney.

During the WFAN interview, Pierce said that he is “his brother’s keeper” and will watch out for his teammates. You can take that any way you like, but even if you don’t read into it, Pierce sounds as if he would do anything – and apparently did – to help out Burress. That may also constitute lying, which now the investigating officers, District Attorney’s office and NFL needs to keep in mind.

If you’re going to take possession of an illegal firearm that is obviously operable and hide it, then you have become not only an accessory to Pierce’s crime, but have committed a crime yourself. Wasn’t Pierce admitting that he, too, was in possession of a gun in two separate states? From a legal and moral standpoint, this is not something that should just be fluffed off.

From what Pierce stated, he is not being charged criminally. Burress is the main problem here and should be the target of whoever is going after him – the DA’s office or the league. With a March 31 return date, Burress and Pierce have plenty of time to make up a story and a half.

Will the NFL wait until the criminal investigation reaches it’s nest stage before taking action against Burress, Pierce or both? Commissioner Roger Goodell has shown to rule with a heavy hand and should act swiftly in this matter. Suspensions for both are warranted.

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