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Mayor Bloomberg May Have Tainted Plaxico Burress Gun Case

Rightfully Speaking Out Against WR Gives Lawyer an Excuse

If you were Ben Braffman, hearing the Mayor of New York City take a stand against your client definitely had a silver lining. When Mike Bloomberg angrily spoke out against Placixo Burress and his reckless, gun-toting behavior, he may have mistakenly gave the wide receiver’s lawyer a lead. One that a sharp counsel will use to his advantage.

Bloomberg called for Burress to be prosecuted “to the fullest extent of the law” and that he made a “mockery” and a “sham” of the laws.

It isn’t every case that gets the mayor’s attention such as this and by him saying what he did – although it was totally justified – it will not be long before Braffman starts crying that Burress will be unable to receive a fair trial. He’s already planted the seed by saying, “I think the mayor can at times influence pending legal proceedings.”

To give a quality lawyer anything in a high profile case will be stretched, twisted around and used to the full extent. And this is the same attorney who represented and was able to gain an acquittal to Sean Combs (I refuse to call a grown man P. Diddy or Puffy). So expect to hear all sorts of nonsense if this case ever gets to trial. A ‘dog and pony’ show awaits.

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