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Jets Shaun Ellis Just as Stupid as Plaxico Burress – If Not More

Marihuana Arrest Comes at the Most Inopportune Time

Let me clarify something first. There is no ‘right’ time to use marihuana. Adults can do what they please and all, but illegal drugs (especially ones that do not enhance your performance) such as that have no place in an athlete’s life. Certainly not one of the captains on a team that is fighting for a playoff spot, one that is having himself a creer year, no less.

Shaun Ellis is far from some teenager looking for a buzz on a Friday night. This is an NFL veteran who has been an integral part of the team and is needed at 100 percent. Getting pulled over at 8:30 in the morning with a stash of weed in your car is not what Jets head coach Eric Mangini expects from one of his leaders, but even he – one who runs a tight ship – decided to let this go without throwing down the hammer.

On the heels of the Plaxico Burress nonsense, could Mangini have felt that keeping this under the radar was the best alternative? The third-year coach admitted that he found out through a “third party” (something else that everyone should have a problem with) the night before the loss to Denver last Sunday, but decided to let Ellis play, which he will also do until further notice. He can still receive a suspension from the NFL for violating the substance policy, which he definitely should in this case.

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From what Mangini has stated, the team has taken “internal disciplinary action” against Ellis, which one could surmise would be a fine. On how a potential suspension from the league may impact the team’s goals, Mangini was non-commital. “It’s not a function that’s anything under our control,” he said. “I respect the league and their stance on these issues.”

Losing Ellis for four games while the Jets make a run at the AFC East divisional title is going to have an impact. There is no way around that. He leads the team with 7 sacks through their first 11 games and has been such an important piece in the 3-4 defense that the team employs.

What he did and apparantly has been doing exposes him for the irresponsible person that he is. All the apologies and speeches to the coaching staff and team cannot take that away. Ellis is being counted on to come through every Sunday in a big way. Puffing on a joint or a bowl is not going to make that any easier.

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